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RFCo Productions is the culmination of our two founders, Mr. Faisal and Mr. Rasheed, hard work and perseverance. In the year 2006, RFCo began manufacturing savoury kataifi dough in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Within a few years of its founding, the company flourished and garnered widespread acclaim for its goods. RFCo was concerned about giving the gourmets only real taste and quality. The crew was pleased when the Arabs appreciated and valued our savoury sweet dishes, such as kataifi pastry, for their realistic flavour. This assurance is what we took with us when we expanded our company's operations as a distributor of kataifi dough online India.

Kunafa Dough

Founders' Message

Our desire to establish an Arabic candy store that produced and sold Arabic candies like kataifi in their genuine natural flavours gave rise to RFCo. About 16 years ago, we began operating in the Arabian Peninsula.

We are really interested in expanding our business globally, not only to a handful of individuals in a limited region like kataifi pastry online in India. This is what inspired us to come up with the concept of instant kunafa dough online. Our kataifi pastry doughs are made using traditional techniques, so they stay fresh and of high quality long after they are distributed to consumers.

Customers can quickly make it at home and serve it fresh. When our customers recognized the top line of our products like kunafa plates, we were pleased. This inspired us to launch our firm in India, where we are from. We are the nation's original and leading distributors of kataifi dough. We have been in business in India for four years and are really pleased with the favourable responses. We assure you that we will keep serving Middle Eastern treats in their authentic flavours.Rfco is the leading provider of Kunafa dough online in Kerala and all over India.

Our Mission

"To undertake a thorough analysis of the world's culinary preferences and satisfy their savoury kunafa cravings with a genuine kataifi dough that accentuates the flavours of genuine Arab kataifi."

Our Vision

“Visualize an upscale area where people organize their favourite decadent Arabic savoury using the purest kataifi dough to sate their desire.”

Kunafa dough

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kunafa dough
kunafa dough
kunfa dough
kunfa dough