The Authentic Aroma of Kunafa plates

What could be more satisfying than preparing your favourite Kunafa plates from scratch and enjoying the fresh, genuine pleasure it delivers? You can make your favourite Kunafa Plate using the finest kunafa dough offered by RFCo Productions. We provide on-demand nationwide delivery of our instant pastry dough, which you may bake fresh to satisfy your sweet need.Instant Classic Cream Kunafa, Instant Butterscotch Kunafa, Instant Nutella Kunafa, and Instant Cheese Cream Kunafa, are main flavours of Kunafas.Instant Classic Cream Kunafa is the Traditional Arabic desserts like kunafa are created with phyllo dough and either pastry cream or sweet Arabic cheese.Instant Butterscotch Kunafa is A wonderful no-cook pudding with a thick, creamy texture and butterscotch flavour.Instant Nutella Kunafa is An assortment of toppings are sprinkled on top of crunchy kunafa cones that have been filled with alternating layers of Nutella and whipped cream.Instant Cheese Cream Kunafa is a wonderful cheese confection that is silky and melty (or cream).

Instant Kunafa Making

Step: 1

Bring the instant kunafa to room temperature by defrosting it.

Step: 2

Get a frypan and cook it on a slow medium before adding the kunafa that contains the perfect kunafa dough once it is heated. Keep it for five minutes, making sure it turns golden. When turning golden, carefully flip onto a dish (to prevent the dough from expanding) and then carefully transfer to the pan again to fry the other side. (Plz don't use a spoon, a fork, a spatula, etc. for flipping kunafa.)

Step: 3

Make the sugar syrup using a 2:1 ratio of sugar to water.

Step: 4

Put the kunafa on a serving platter and add the hot syrup. Enjoy the juicy, delicious food now.


Wheat flour, Water, Corn Starch, Skimmed Milk Powder, Palm Oil, Salt, Cream Cheese, Mozralla Cheese, Lactose from Milk & Milk Derivates

Nutrition Information

Sl.No Parameter Unit Test method FSSAI Result(Per 100g)
1 Energy Kcal FSSAI Manual 255.6
2 Carbohydrate % FSSAI Manual 59
3 Protein % FSSAI Manual 4
4 Fat % FSSAI Manual 0.9
5 Dietary Fibre % FSSAI Manual 1