Kunafa Dough

The Kunafa dough delivers the genuine flavour of Middle Eastern Kunafa because it is made with Kataifi, the shredded phyllo dough.

Mabrooma (Roll Kunafa)

A lot of imagination, love, and emotion goes into making the ideal savoury of kataifi pastry, which has a complex design.

Kaunafa Plate

To enhance your meal and delight your taste senses, prepare the ideal dessert and serve it on the finest plate.

Cream Kunafa

The delicate piece of elegance melts in your lips, leaving you with a luscious savoury feeling.

Cheese Kunafa

By pouring it with sugar syrup and sprinkling it with almonds and pistachios, you can make this classic kunafa made of Kunafa dough even more delectable.

Butter Kunafa

Pure butter should be used to fry the buttery, flaky dough. More butter can be added to make it especially delicious.

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