For Authentic Arabic Savory, Try
Kunafa Dough!

Arabian sweets have an enduring appeal. A delicious Arabian treat known as kunafa has become incredibly famous. This sweet is currently a culinary favourite due to its delicate flavour and genuineness. Yet, true Kataifi pastry is hard to find in India, unlike in the Middle East. The nation's most authentic and delicious kunafa dough is produced and distributed by the RFco Food Production company in response to this challenge. From kataifi dough to kunafa plates, we will satisfy all of your kunafa demands.

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The Authentic Sense of Sweetness!

Baking your favourite kataifi pastry from scratch and relishing in its scrumptious freshness and authenticity couldn't possibly be more satisfying. The best kunafa dough is available from RFCo Productions, so you can prepare your favourite kataifi. We provide our fast pastry dough all around the land based on demand, so you may satisfy your sweet need by baking them fresh.

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Indulge in the Authentic

Kataifi Pastry: The Perfect Arabian Savory Desserts!

If authentic Arabian sweets are your preferred things, huge congratulations come to the proper place. In India, RFco is the top online baker and distributor of genuine kataifi dough online in India. Our subsidiary venture, Kunafa Bakes, has already won recognition as Kerala's most reputable provider of kunafa dough distribution online. Decadent Arabian delights are more likely to satisfy a need in today's sophisticated world. Although there are many alternatives to real Arabian sweets and savoury treats on the market, the availability of the real thing in terms of taste and quality could be improved.

In the face of this obstacle, our dedicated team of bakers promises to provide you with the true flavour of Arabic sweets. We are passionate about exposing India, a country that cherishes real delicacies from around the world, to the sweet world of the Middle East.

RFCO Kunafa Dough: The Perfect Destination For Sweet Cravings!

Now that RFco has opened in India, you may satisfy your desires for Middle Eastern sweets without leaving the country. Take a mouthful of our quick Arabian treats and experience the vast deserts of the Arab world while enjoying its exquisite cuisine.

Kunafa Dough

The Kunafa dough delivers the genuine flavour of Middle Eastern Kunafa because it is made with Kataifi, the shredded phyllo dough.

Mabrooma (Roll Kunafa)

A lot of imagination, love, and emotion goes into making the ideal savoury of kataifi pastry, which has a complex design.

Kaunafa Plate

To enhance your meal and delight your taste senses, prepare the ideal dessert and serve it on the finest plate.

Cream Kunafa

The delicate piece of elegance melts in your lips, leaving you with a luscious savoury feeling.

Cheese Kunafa

By pouring it with sugar syrup and sprinkling it with almonds and pistachios, you can make this classic kunafa made of Kunafa dough even more delectable.

Butter Kunafa

Pure butter should be used to fry the buttery, flaky dough. More butter can be added to make it especially delicious.

The One and Only Kunafa Dough Making Company in India

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Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. Have a glance at what our customers have to say about our products.

Althaf Rahman

This was the first time when I tried a Kunafa which is completely local made and it was really good. They are Kunafa dough makers and they serve varieties of hot Kunafa as well here. For a local made Kunafa dough, this is really good but when compared to imported dough's.

Ajmal Rahman Kiliyamannil

Nice vibe, different types of kunafa available here. They are selling kunafa dough as well. Quantity is good and value for money. Should try.


Yummy !!! Same as Arabian kunafa